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May 14th, 2020 | Dining Program | Food Trends | Uncategorized

Zero-Proof Happy Hours

When happy hours go spirit-free they can become an excellent opportunity for employees to bond at the office, especially if you have an on-site cafe to host the event and supply the drinks! Mocktails, or alcohol-free cocktails, are a growing trend among young professionals. While alcohol used to be a reason for workers to meet […]

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April 13th, 2020 | Dining Program | Employee Benefits | Lunch | Uncategorized

Five Reasons You Need An Employee Lunch Program

Right now, your business might have a lot of employees working from home due to COVID-19. Of course, when the majority of your workforce is at home, an employee lunch program doesn’t seem like something you need to worry about. However, there will be a time where we are all working together again. When your […]

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